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Forested Pork

Making the best tasting pork starts with putting the pig back in it’s natural habitat.  Learn more here.  SEE AND TASTE THE DIFFERENCE IN EVERY BITE!  

All product prices are listed by the pound.
For example a Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder is shown as $6.50 and once you click on the product it will show increments of 4.  This means that our Boston Butt weighs approx. 4lbs @ $6.50/lb = $25 (if you want more than 1 pkg, than just choose the next increment shown).
All photographs are the actual products of J&L Green Farm.
Pork Breakfast Patties
Regular Price: $7.75
On Sale For: $7.50
Pork Chops (Center Cut)
Price: $11.75
Pork Fish Loin
Price: $13.29
Pork Fresh Ham Large
Price: $5.50
Pork Fresh Ham Roast
Price: $5.50
Pork Fresh Ham Slice
Price: $5.50
Pork Fresh Side Half
Regular Price: $7.75
On Sale For: $6.99
Pork Fresh Side Whole
Price: $6.75
Pork Garlic Bratwurst
Price: $6.25
Pork Leaf Lard
Price: $5.00
Pork Loin Kabobs
Regular Price: $12.99
On Sale For: $10.99