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Forested Pork

Making the best tasting pork starts with putting the pig back in it’s natural habitat.  See & Taste the Difference in Every Bite!  Learn more here.


Due to high increase of demand overnight and not having enough pork in our freezer, we have partnered up with another farrow to finish pork farm to continue offering clean, wholesome pork to our farm friends.  We hope you will enjoy and if you have any questions, please send us an email.

All product prices are listed by the pound.
For example a Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder is shown as $6.50 and once you click on the product it will show increments of 4.  This means that our Boston Butt weighs approx. 4lbs @ $6.50/lb = $25 (if you want more than 1 pkg, than just choose the next increment shown).
All photographs are the actual products of J&L Green Farm.

"...In particular, while researching pork.  It is not easy, as I am sure you know, to find farms that truly follow the best practices and are transparent about details behind how the animals are raised, cared for, what they are fed, etc.  I was very impressed to read about how you farm the pigs and I am looking forward to sampling that part of the shipment the most!" - Jennifer, Excited New Customer

Pork Sausage Smoked Chorizo Links
Price: $8.25
Out of stock
Pork Skin
Price: $5.00
Out of stock
Pork Skin On Cuts
Regular Price: $7.00
On Sale For: $6.00
In stock
Pork Smoked Canadian Bacon
Price: $14.00
In stock
Pork Spare Ribs
Price: $6.25
In stock
Pork Tenderloin
Price: $13.99
In stock
Pulled Pork (Virginia Only)
Price: $13.00
In stock
Uncured Beef & Pork Sticks
Regular Price: $2.50
On Sale Now: $2.35
In stock
Recurring Item
Pork Broth Quart (Virginia Only)
Price: $3.00
In stock
Pork Fat
Price: $2.50
In stock
Pork Backbone
Price: $5.00
In stock
Pork Bones
Price: $2.25
Out of stock