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Purchase In Bulk

Why do so many customers enjoy the benefits of purchasing in bulk?

1) Lower Cost:
There are two reasons why we can offer custom bulk purchases at a lower cost than purchasing by the piece.  First, custom beef and pork processing cost less and secondly, the amount of time spent handling the product is less.   Because of these two reasons, we get to pass along the savings to you, our farm friends.  It's really a win-win for both the farmer and the consumer.
2) Flexibility: 
You get to choose which cuts you want to keep and which ones you don't. Nothing is wasted.  It's whatever you choose!   We will send an easy questionaire for you to fill out to decide how want your animal cut.
3) Convenience:  
Be ready and have your freezer stocked for several months at a time!  This saves you time as it's a one time transaction and meat is always at your fingertips.

"We love everything we’ve tried so far. I actually just made a whole chicken in the instant pot last night that I got from you and my family (even my picky eater) enjoyed it so much. We had burgers over the holiday when my entire family was here and they all commented how good it was! I shared the whole pig with my mom and she messaged me last night asking when we were buying more! It’s been so long since we had pork because we didn’t have a good supplier, I’m so happy we found your farm! I’m always talking about you guys!" - Lindsay, Tidewater, Virginia

SHIPPING CUSTOMERS: We are now accepting reservations for shipping customers.  Whole/Half beef orders will ship in January to avoid potential holiday delays.
Chicken Bundle - Whole Bird
Price: $405.72
In stock
Chicken Parts Bundle
Regular Price: $450.22
On Sale For: $419.17
In stock
Half Beef Cow
Price: $207.00
In stock
Whole Beef Cow
Price: $414.00
In stock
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