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Pastured Turkey

Our turkeys are raised on pasture and love to eat grass, bugs, and a GMO free custom grain mix.  They have shade from the sun during the hot summer days and protection from rain.  We never use growth hormones or steroids.  One things about turkeys is that they love to find and peck at anything shiny.  They are very curious creatures, and the toms (male turkeys) love to fan their feathers out and strut around.  You will find our turkey to be tender and juicy. See and taste the difference in every bite!

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All product prices are listed by the pound.
For example a Turkey Leg is shown as $5.00 and once you click on the product it will show increments of 2.  This means that it weighs approx. 2lbs @ $5.00/lb = $10/pkg. (If you want more than 1 pkg, than just choose the next increment shown).
Ground Turkey
Price: $10.00
Pulled Turkey
Price: $11.00
Turkey Backs
Price: $3.00
Turkey Breast
Price: $12.00
Turkey Broth Quart
Price: $4.50
Turkey Leg & Thigh
Price: $5.00
Turkey Necks
Price: $2.50
Turkey Wings
Price: $4.00