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Ready To Eat

Enjoy products that are cooked or prepared and ready to eat!  
Beef Broth Quart
Price: $4.00
Chicken Broth Quart
Price: $5.00
Chicken Soup Pint
Price: $4.00
Pork Broth Quart
Price: $2.75
Pulled Beef
Price: $13.50
Pulled Chicken
Price: $11.00
Pulled Pork
Price: $12.50
Pulled Turkey
Price: $11.00
Raw Milk Cheese
Price: $7.00
Raw Milk Cheese - BUNDLE SALE
Regular Price: $21.00
On Sale For: $20.00
Smoked Pork Kielbasa
Price: $10.00
Turkey Broth Quart
Price: $4.50