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Let's Talk Bacon!

BAAACCCOONNNN! ♥♥♥ We sure love it!  All that good fat and protein coming from pastured and forest raised pigs is perfect for the keto, whole 30, and "don't want all that crap diet"!

That flavor we call "bacon" is the flavor of marinade we taste.  Every butcher will tell you, "it doesn't taste like that straight from the pig."  Just like other cuts, unless you marinate or season it, it will cook and taste just like pork.

What our farm sells is called Sliced Fresh Side (aka uncured bacon).  This is the exact same thing that companies use to marinate to create bacon.  Msg, nitrates, nitrites, sugar, coloring, preservatives and so on are put into many bacon packages.  We love to have the choice of what goes in our food and we are sure many of you are the same way.  You get to choose how you like it and what goes in it!

So when you are cooking this sliced fresh side, what might one do with it?  Glad you asked.  Our favorite way is with coconut aminos acid, liquid smoke, and real salt, marinating overnight and cooking in the oven until crispy!  It's honestly that simple and sooo yummy!

We hope you will get a chance to try it!  We believe you will be in love too!

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