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Chicken Bundle - Whole Bird

Chicken Bundle - Whole Bird
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Please take note that we put together the bundles by weight so the number of packages vary and are just a helpful tool for you to get an idea of how much meat you would be bringing home.

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The Whole Bird Bundle is 112lbs (approx. 25 birds) and cost $375.

Our bundles add a great variety of meat cuts to your freezer while keeping 10-15% more money in your wallet.  Bundles can save you money and also give you a full variety of cuts that you can enjoy for several months if not a whole year depending on your family size and how often you cook.  Our hope is that one of our bundles will be a perfect fit for your family!  Check them out below.

Want a variety of chicken parts to feed your family?
- try the Chicken Bundle

Perhaps you are looking for most cost effective way to fill your freezer with chicken?
-try the Whole Bird Chicken Bundle (details below)  

Bundles are great to share with a friend!

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