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Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast
Price: $12.00
Each package weighs approx. 2lbs @ price per pound listed.  Each increment adds another pkg.
For example if you choose "quantity: 6" that means you are ordering approx. 3 packages.    Please keep in mind that orders are filled by the pound and total packages can vary.

Boneless, skinless pastured raised turkey breast averaging 2lbs per package.
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Description & Specs
We believe it starts with getting the birds back on the pasture! Raised in a quarter acre, portable electrified netting area, the birds are moved to fresh pasture every three days. We have observed turkeys aggressively chasing grasshoppers so much that we've dubbed the area as the "grasshopper death zone"! This, of course, is great for natural insect control and adds protein to the birds diet. We feed a GMO-FREE ration that does contain soybeans. Carefully processed on farm under VA exemption. As with all our livestock we do not use any antibiotics, steroids or hormones! Seasonally available in whole birds and cut ups.

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