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Beef Spare Ribs

Beef Spare Ribs
Price: $5.00
Each package weighs approx. 2lbs @ price per pound listed.  Each increment adds another pkg.
For example if you choose "quantity: 6" that means you are ordering approx. 3 packages.    Please keep in mind that orders are filled by the pound and total packages can vary.
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beef-spare ribs
Description & Specs
As part of mimicking a natural and ecological order applied to our farm, we believe that herbivores such as, cattle, sheep and goats are created to live on forages and brush. Herbivores have a unique digestion system that can take the fibrous material of plants and convert it to protein and other nutrients needed for the growth and sustainment of their bodies. This makes them perfectly suited to be a mass converter of solar energy stored in the form of forage cellulose into proteins that we humans can digest. No grain based carbohydrates or sugars are needed for this to occur!

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