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Pork-Half Hog

Pork-Half Hog
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*Please note if you pay by credit card/paypal there is a 2.5% processing fee that will be added to the final invoice for all bulk purchases.*

Pork Dates for 2019:
Order By October 20th - Ready beginning of November*
*Please Note: Only available for fedex shipping or farm store pick-up due to  limited delivery space during November.
Order By November 22nd - Ready beginning of December

Our custom cut half and whole hogs are available at certain dates throughout the year and meat can be picked up at the On-Farm StoreHome DeliveryShipping or Drop Site locations.  

Ordering a half of hog will get you a full variety of vacuum packed pork  that will store nicely throughout the whole year (that is if it actually last that long at your house). You can expect a half of hog to take up about 2 cubic feet of freezer space (think the freezer space above your refrigerator but not completely filling it up).

A half of hog ranges between 80-110lbs hanging weight and cost is $4.25/lb. 
Example: 100lbs x $4.25/lb hanging weight = $425


Average Take Home Price = $5.50/lb

Average Take Home Weight = 77lbs

Freezer space needed: Approx. 2 cubic feet


Chops/Loin = 18lbs

Roast = 14lbs

Ribs = 3lbs

Ground = 23lbs

Uncured Bacon = 5lbs

Organs/Fat = 14lbs

* Butcher cost is included in all prices listed.

*Our Custom Cut Whole and Half Hogs will vary depending on hanging weight.  Take home weight is normally  10-15% less than hanging weight depending on the cut choices that are made.

COST & SAVINGS!!!  This means you can enjoy chops and tenderloin that are regular $10-$15/lb+ retail for just $5.50/lb along with sausage and ribs.  Depending on where you purchase, you might think that the price per pound on sausage is a little more expensive than the grocery store, but if you ever splurge on loin or chops, it pays off very quickly!

QUALITY & SUPPORTING LOCAL!!!  Let’s not forget to talk about quality.  We know you need it affordable but you also don’t just want cheap meat, but something healthy to feed your family!  As you have seen and heard on our farm, we move animals frequently to fresh paddocks and they enjoy healthy, happy and low stress lives outdoors!  It’s an animal haven and we are certain you will enjoy what you get! It’s tasty, healthy, and full of extra nutrition. There is a crazy difference between Conventional, Organic and Pasture Raised Meat in how they are raised.  Read the facts by visiting our website under “agricultural Principles” and learn even more at

Dates Available & Reserving!!!  Unlike our individual cuts of meat that are available year round, you will want to reserve your half or whole animal in advance.  We have several dates available in the fall months.
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Our pork is Forest and Pastured Raised and moved frequently to new paddocks.  To learn more about we raise our pigs and benefits of eating forest raised pork, we encourage you to check out our Pork page here.

See & Taste the Difference in Every Bite.

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Pork-Whole Hog

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