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Pork Fresh Side Sliced (uncured bacon)

Pork Fresh Side Sliced (uncured bacon)
Price: $7.99
Our sliced fresh side is uncured & unseasoned.  It is fresh side with NO marinade, additives, or preservatives.  It will cook up just like bacon, but taste like pork.  Our favorite is to cook in a cast iron pan and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and drizzle maple syrup over the top.  This will give a little of the sweet and salty taste that is..."Oh, so good!"  Eat by itself, cut into pieces for baked potato soup or add to breakfast quiche.

Suggestions: Try adding pork lard to the bottom of your pan when cooking, to keep the meat from sticking (Maple syrup will burn easily in your pan - be sure to have fat in the pan before pouring the syrup).

Check out the recipe page for a yummy quiche recipe.
Ingredients: Pork
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pork-fresh side sliced
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Raised in a pigs' natural habitat, our pigs spend their lives in forest paddocks. Moved every 2 weeks they root a significant amount of the diet from foraging. Some things you might enjoy knowing aout our Forested Pork... Our pork has recieved high marks for quality, color and taste from our butchers, chefs and customers!

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