A special cut to serve for this holiday season! *Limited Availability* Grass Fed Whole Beef Tenderloin
Beef Grill Combo

Beef Grill Combo

This 100% Grass Fed Beef steak & burger special is what you need for your grill this summer!

The Beef Grill Combo comes with 12 burgers (3 pkgs) + 3 Boneless NY Strip Steaks + 3 Bone-In Ribeye Steaks. All steaks come individually packaged for easy use. Gather around your family or bring the neighborhood together and enjoy a bbq out on the deck! Sunshine and summer time is a great way to shake off the winter and press into the summer fun!

You won't want to miss this special offer going on now! Free delivery to your home, so be sure to order today and be prepared to hit the grill for July 4th or any weekend grilling.

This Grill Combo Special is perfect to send to family who can't be with you in person but you know they love eating good food! Add one to the cart, checkout with their mailing address and have your care package of love heading their way in just a jiffy!!

Our premium grass fed and finished beef is delicious. We use rotational grazing methods which means the cows are getting moved frequently to new pastures allowing them a full fresh veggie (green grass) diet. Every day they fill up on a wide variety of green grasses, enjoy ample amount of sunshine, and fresh air. Life is good on the Green Farm! There is a science behind how we raise our beef and other animals for why we do all of this work. If this fascinates you and you desire to learn more, we encourage you to read more here. Be informed and know how your meat is raised. We believe you as the consumer, should always be informed. We are committed to raising humanly raised animals to better our land and better us (the people who eat the healthy animals). Be informed and enjoy!! Happy Grilling!!

Beef Grill Combo Details:

12 burger (3 pkgs = 3lbs)

3 New York Strip Steaks (3 pkgs = 2lbs)

2 Ribeye (Bone-In) Steaks (2 pkgs = 4lbs)

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