Half Beef Cow - January Reservation

Half Beef Cow - January Reservation

$200 Reserves Your Half Beef.

You only pay $200 now to reserve your spot.

Final Cost Averages: $1,326* + delivery (cost varies).

*Bulk Beef is sold by hanging weight.

You are reserving for a ready date of January 22 , 2021.

*The next expected date to be offered for half beef will be June/July of next year.*

Payment Details:

Hanging Weight: $5/lb

Average weight for half beef: 265lbs

Total Average Price: $1,326.00 + delivery (delivery cost varies, please see our Delivery Costs Sheet to determine delivery cost to your state or drop site location).

$200 deposit is expected to be paid within 2 weeks of placing order if paying by cash or check. If paying by credit card, deposit is expected at checkout.

$600 is due 5 weeks prior to expected ready date and final amount is due upon pick-up (or before shipment is sent).

CLICK HERE to read how it works from start to finish and understand the details before placing your reservation.