Frequently Asked Questions About Drop Sites


Where can I find out more about your products?
Clichere to find out more.

When do I need to place my order?
The deadline to place your order is on Sunday midnight, which is 3 days prior to your Wednesday drop site delivery date (We deliver to different areas of VA on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each month, see schedule HERE).

What happens if I place an order after the deadline?
Unfortunately we won't be able to fill orders placed after the deadline. Late orders will be fulfilled the following month, or feel free to ask to move them to a different delivery day or have them shipped. 

Do I have to be at the drop site at the exact time?
Yes, we ask for you to arrive on time at the specific time and place. We value everyone's time and must keep to our schedule to make sure we are on time for the following drop site times.

I'm running late; what do I do?
Contact Laura (540-333-1867) as soon as possible.

I can't meet at the drop site time this month. Can I still get an order?
At some drop sites, we have flexibility to leave your order with the host, or we can arrange for a cooler to be left in advance. Please ask in advance and see if other arrangements can be made. Or place an order for shipping directly to your address! More about shipping HERE.

What forms of payment do you take?
Cash, Check, Credit card or PayPal.

How much am I charged for delivery?
Orders under 10lbs are charged .55/lb and orders over 10lbs are charged .35/lb.
Can someone else pick up my order?

Can I host a single drop without a reoccurring monthly schedule? 
Yes. There is flexibility to host a one-time drop site at your house. There are some restrictions, so please contact us for details on how to get started.

I ordered 3 chicken breasts and only received 2 packages; why is that?
Please keep in mind that we charge and pack orders by the pound, so in this case, 2 packages of chicken breast weighed 3lbs.

Why was I charged a different amount than the estimated total at the time of checkout?
We charge by the pound and adjust your order total to exactly what you receive. Your final invoice amount is usually sent to the email address you provided on the day before your drop site delivery.



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