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Things to know for Pie Baking Contest:

Help us out!  We have a sign-up sheet here for anyone planning to bring a pie. 

Bring your pie between 1-1:30p.m.  We will start the judging (aka eating pie) at 1:30.

You must use at least 1 local ingredient when making your pie.

Baker Categories:
Kids (16y.o. and under) – Kids can have a little help from grown-ups while baking, but we really want to see them do most of it.
Grown-Ups (17y.o. and older) – your all on your own!

Judging the Pies:
Pie Eating Judges (yep, that’s you!) will vote on their favorite pies in these ways.
Prettiest Pie
Best Filling
Most Unique Pie
Fanciest Pie
Tastiest Pie
Best Overall Pie
Best Crust

If you are willing to share, bring your recipe and let others enjoy making your pie at their home. It’s also will be helpful to know ingredients for those who have allergies (i.e. gluten, dairy, nut, etc).  Great time to get ideas for Thanksgiving!

Happy Baking!