Your order over $75 qualifies you for a free package of Chicken Bones. See Details Here. 



We are excited to offer the home delivery option to a select number of zip codes in Northern Virginia (see chart below). If you live within any of these zip codes and want to get your order hand-delivered to your doorstep, simply select the “Flex Home Delivery” option on the order page when checking out. Depending on your zip code location and when you place your order, it will be delivered either on the first Wednesday or 3rd Saturday*(May-Oct is 3rd Wednesday) of the month.


Are you in between a drop site and not covered in our Flex Home Delivery Zipcode Area? If you live in Waynesboro or Williamsburg without a local drop site, we have you in mind.   We are now offering mid-point delivery options where we can make a pit stop off an exit near you and save you driving time  This service is a flat rate fee of $25*.

Here's how this works:
1. Contact us with your address from where you would be coming from.
2.  We will check the route and choose a convenient "pit stop".
3.  Meet us at the designated time/place right off the highway and save the drive time.


Frequently Asked Questions About Flex Home Delivery

Do you actually deliver to my home?

Yes, we do!  We personally bring your order to your home and put your order in the cooler that you left out for us.

What do I need to do on delivery day?
Place a cooler(s) outside with ice packs (especially during the hot summer months) in a place that we can easily get to.

Do I need to be home when my order is delivered?
No, in fact we know this is one of the reasons you chose this option. Life is busy and convenience is important.

When do I need to place my order, to make sure I receive it on the next delivery?
At the latest, your order needs to be submitted 3 days prior to delivery day.  This means Sunday Midnight deadline for a Wednesday delivery or Wednesday Midnight deadline for a Saturday delivery.

What time will my order be delivered?
The time varies depending on where you are located on our delivery route, but usually between 9AM and 8PM. 

How do I pay?
Pay online with your credit card or paypal account as you check out on our website.

How much does it cost?
We charge a flat rate delivery fee of $25.  There will be an additional cost for orders bulk orders over 200lbs such as whole/half animal orders.  Final cost will be seen at checkout.

Do I have to order a certain amount or is there a max?
No. Order anything you want; there is no minimum or maximum.

What items can I order?
Unlike shipping, there is no off-limit items. You can order all our meats, eggs,  and specialty items.

My zip code is not listed. Can you still deliver to my home?
Not at this time. Flex home delivery is only available to the listed zip codes. If you are interested to check if it will be available in your area soon, please reach out to us at [email protected].  We would also encourage you to check out a drop site or our shipping option.