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Green Farm Life 

What do we do day to day on our farm? Follow us over the next year as we record life on our farm and the challenges each season brings!

Ep. 1:  In this episode you get a taste of what early March looks like on the farm as we begin to transition from winter operations to spring. Green grass is not here yet but we are getting ready for it! Jordan & Laura Green started J & L Green Farm in 2009 after leaving jobs in the banking sector and the military. Prior to that in 2001 -02, Jordan completed a successful apprenticeship at Polyface Farm under Joel Salatin. On their farm they raise grass finished beef, pastured poultry and forest raised hogs. The farm orients directly to retail and serves hundreds of families in the east coast area. With three kids and a handful of team members they seek to regeneratively farm their 200 acres and produce high quality, clean meats.