Our Green Boxes Are Created for Your Lifestyle

What's a Green Box?

Our Green Boxes are samplers of our favorite meats, curated for you so you don't have to do the shopping.

 We’ve made it super easy for you to eat nutrient-dense, pasture-raised meats no matter how busy your schedule. J&L Green Farm provides three box choices with Monthly Auto-Ship or One Time Purchase options in gradually increasing sizes to fit just about anyone’s budget and lifestyle. Each Green Box is carefully designed, featuring our best cuts of pastured chicken, forested pork and 100% grass fed beef.

You could always add individual items available for shipping in your cart to fill a small, medium, or large shipping cooler. However, these Green Boxes offer convenience and peace of mind knowing that meat will ship to your door without having to venture to the grocery store.

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Nourish Box: $90 (Valued at 110!) This is our small box, containing 8 lbs of goodness that you can use to nourish your family. The Nourish Box is designed for a family of two who love cooking at least a few evenings a week. It is ideal for anyone getting started on a more wholesome lifestyle. We include our customer favorites including pork chops, ground beef, New York Strip, and sausage, breasts among other cuts.
Sustain Box: $177 (Valued at 190!) This is our medium box, containing 18 lbs of deliciousness that you can use to sustain your family. The Sustain Box is put together with a family of four to six in mind, and includes items like ground beef, breast, boston butt, steak, and more. The contents can easily feed a family of two for a month as well.
Interested in a sampling that includes mostly mostly chicken?  Try the Pasture Box!

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