BBQ Smoker Combo

BBQ Smoker Combo

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This combo of BBQ Smoker favorites is the perfect blend of meats for your smoker this summer!

The BBQ Smoker Combo comes with 2 Briskets + 2 Picnic Shoulder Roasts + 3 pkgs Pork Spare Ribs + 2 Small Whole Chickens. 

Gather your family or bring the neighborhood together to enjoy a barbecue out on the deck! Sunshine, summer temps, and outdoor cooking are a great way to shake off the winter chill and press into summer fun.

Special Offer...

You won't want to miss this special offer going on now! Through July 9, enjoy bundle savings and free UPS delivery to your home, so be sure to order today and be prepared to fire up the smoker for Memorial Day, Father's Day, July 4th or any weekend BBQ get-togethers.

Shipping Details...

1-Day Shipping orders ship weekly; order by Sundays at midnight. 

2-day Shipping orders ship every 4 weeks; order by midnight on

  • Sun, May 14th
  • Sun, Jun 11th
  • Sun, Jul 9th

for delivery the following Friday.

**You can of course pick up at your local drop site or the farm store as well.

About our meats...

Our premium pastured meats are delicious. We use rotational grazing methods, which means all animals are moved frequently to new pastures, providing them with unlimited amounts of fresh green grass. Every day they enjoy ample amounts of sunshine and breathe fresh outdoor air. Life is good on the Green Farm! 

There is a science behind how we raise our animals, and a reason why we do all of this work. If this fascinates you and you desire to learn more, we encourage you to read more about how we raise our porkchicken and beef. Be informed and know how your meat is raised: we believe you, as the consumer, should always be informed. 

We are committed to raising humanely-raised animals to better our land and better us (the people who eat the healthy animals). Be informed and enjoy!! Happy Smoking!!

BBQ Smoker Combo includes...

  • 2 Briskets (2 pkgs = 6lbs)
  • 2 Picnic Shoulder Roasts (2 pkgs = 10lbs)
  • Pork Spare Ribs (3 pkgs = 7.5lbs)
  • 2 Small Whole Chickens (2 pkgs = 7lbs)

Plus, add these to your cart!

Don't forget the grill! You will want to try our amazing Beef Burgers, Pork Garlic BratwurstPork Franks, and Chicken Breasts. Such easy meats to throw on the grill alongside your BBQ Smoker favorites!


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