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A Personal Welcome From The Green Family

We believe in the value of relationships in our efforts to bring healing to declining farm land, stewarding the resources of our farms, and advancing the cause of sustainable farming. If you believe in good food and good farming, you have found the right place. We value each and every family who purchases from our farm and becomes a team player in this cause.

Your Farmers,

Jordan & Laura Green

Green Family

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We love everything we’ve tried so far. I actually just made a whole chicken in the instant pot last night that I got from you and my family (even my picky eater) enjoyed it so much. We had burgers over the holiday when my entire family was here and they all commented how good it was! I shared the whole pig with my mom and she messaged me last night asking when we were buying more! It’s been so long since we had pork because we didn’t have a good supplier, I’m so happy we found your farm! I’m always talking about you guys!
I’m so grateful to have discovered your farm. It’s a real blessing to have a source of quality, healthy, local food, to know your farmer and to trust them, and to know the animals are well treated, too. We are thankful every day for the whole package.

It is through the support of our Farm Friends...

That sustainable farms like ours will restore lost farmland, build topsoil, and feed us well into the future.

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