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Kitchen Knife + Knife Sharpener

Kitchen Knife + Knife Sharpener

Our absolute FAVORITE kitchen (Victorinox) knife has a high-quality stainless steel 5" blade ensuring long-lasting durability of use, and a fibrox handle that is comfortable with a non-slip grip.

We use this type of knife for cutting up our poultry (processed on our farm) as well as in our personal kitchen. We absolutely love the durability and strength of this knife and the ease of sharpening. It stays sharp for ages, but whenever you have to sharpen, it's a 2-second process with the bonus knife sharpener.

We have traveled, staying in AirBnb's, and cooked in other kitchens—and have found that most kitchens don't have a sharp knife! It got us thinking about how many kitchens are missing a durable, sharp knife?  

We have experienced the frustation and the inefficiency of dull knives. With a sharp, sturdy knife, it makes all tasks before and after cooking your meat efficient and easy!  Do yourself a favor and grab our favorite knife + bonus sharpener and enjoy!!!

This knife sharpener is the one that we use in our kitchen.  It's fast and easy to use!

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