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Pork Smoked Ham Roast

Pork Smoked Ham Roast

Around here, we like our food to be, well, food.

We don't think we should have to add artificial flavorings, chemical preservatives, weird fillers, or a laundry list of ingredients we can't pronounce in order to make our meats special, celebratory and flavorful. 

That's why our pastured Pork Smoked Hams are nitrite-free, gently smoked, and contain simple ingredients with names you'll recognize. They're clean, nutrient-dense, non-GMO hams from heritage-breed pigs born on our farm and raised humanely on our pastures and in our forests.

YOU control the ingredients: simply heat and serve (it's truly delicious as-is), or add a mouth-watering homemade glaze with wholesome ingredients you already have on hand. Find complete instructions here.

Our Pasture- and Forest-Raised Pork Smoked Ham Roast is a classic holiday ham, delicious baked and glazed or sliced and served cold.