May 2021 Newsletter

May 1, 2021

It's Poultry Season Again!

It's officially spring time here, and we have chickens and turkeys in the field, enjoying their daily grass and sunshine and eating all the bugs in sight. 

Almost weekly, a batch of chicks is old enough to be moved out to grass, and new day-old chicks soon replace them in the brooder. It's fun to see them grow and develop. 

We will have chickens and turkeys in the field until the weather turns cold again in early November. Poultry season is always busy and always exciting!


New Chicks in the Brooder

These chicks were born this morning. When we introduce them to their new home, they are ready to drink on their own and immediately find their food and start munching.  

When they aren't snacking, they alternate between running up and down the fresh wood chips and stopping for a quick nap!


Chicks Head Out to Pasture

Once they're about 2 weeks old, the chicks have grown their feathers and are ready to go out onto fresh pasture.

They enjoy the bugs, grass and sunshine, and get moved to fresh ground daily. 



Chicken Curry Rub


Our family's favorite dry rub, delicious on beef and pork too!

Toss legs and thighs with curry rub and bake in a hot oven.  Chicken skin will be crispy and the meat will be tender and falling off the bone...

Recipe Here


Upcoming Farm Tour

Our next Farm Tour is May 8th! Come learn about how we raise our animals in order to provide you with the highest quality meats while healing the land. 

As always, kids come free. 

Sausage Dogs are available to purchase ahead! Bring chairs or a blanket and enjoy relaxing on the farm with family or friends after the walking tour. 

Get Your Tickets


New Sausage Links - Yum!

Missing Bratwurst?  Our new Country Style 4oz links are a great substitute! 

With a garlic and sage flavor profile, these are our current favorite "Sausage Dog",

an easy weeknight supper baked, grilled or panfried.  

Shop Now


Time to Reserve!

Whole Hog and Half Beef Slots now Available

Have you considered reserving a half beef or whole hog this year? 

Whichever you choose, you'll have delicious, healthy cuts at your fingertips for months to come. Take the guesswork out of shopping and stock your freezer with good-for-you meats!  

Early Summer dates available. 

See Custom Slots

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