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The Green Farm Life Show

Take a look behind the scenes of our farm!

The farm, our kids, and we as farmers & business owners all have been continually growing and evolving since 2009...but the solid foundation hasn't changed.

This video series from our 9th year in business (2018-2019) provides a great glimpse of what daily life is still like on our farm today.

Episode 1: March Preparations

In Episode 1, you get a taste of what early March looks like on the farm as we begin to transition from winter operations to spring. Green grass is not here yet, but we are getting ready for it!

Episode 2: Springing into Action

In Episode 2, the spring season is beginning to hit its stride with a batch of chickens needing to go to pasture, piglets to load up, pigs to be caught, feed delivered, and that's just before lunch!

Episode 3: Out to Pasture

In Episode 3, the first chickens of the season head out to pasture, Blake the LGD (livestock guard dog) assumes his chicken-protecting duties, Jordan gives a presentation to students at JMU and records a podcast with a JMU professor, and a new batch of chicks arrive.

Episode 4: Farm Tour!

In Episode 4, we open up the farm for a homeschool tour day!

Episode 5: Harvest

* Discretion advised. This episode has to do with harvesting animals and includes scenes of animal butchering & blood.

Harvesting animals for meat is one of the most controversial topics in food & on social media today. We debated on even releasing this episode but firmly believe in the science of meat-eating, the ethics of human animal-rearing, and the case for regenerative farming practices including livestock for meat. We hope you find this episode educational and inspiring. Transparency in agriculture is incredibly needed today. We are here, being transparent with the world on what we do and why.

Episode 6: Celebrating 10 Years!

Hosting farm tours is a cool part of what we do. Building community with the folks who support us and taking an afternoon away from the summer grind is a fun and refreshing kind of work. In Episode 6, we welcome farm customers and supporters to our farm for a guided tour and a 10-Year Farm Anniversary celebration!