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Store Manager Position

Part Time Salary - 3 Days/Week

J&L Green Farm is looking to hire someone to manage the farm store during open hours and assist with many aspects of the retail oriented side of a family owned and operated business. Some examples of day to day tasks would be putting together orders, keeping display freezers stocked, checking out customers, following up with customers via email/phone, keeping store clean, and keeping up with inventory. This job will entail carrying 50 pound boxes of meat in and out of a walk-in freezer and helping load and unload pallets of meat.

We are looking for someone who is willing to learn new processes, be humble, trustworthy, and have an ownership mindset for the job. Skills that will be helpful for this job is a general knowledge of computer based programs, efficiency in typing, and customer service experience. Outstanding customer service with friendly attitude and being able to follow multi-step detail oriented tasks are very important.

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Drop Site Marketing Position

Part Time Commission Based Salary

J&L Green Farm is a pasture based, regenerative farm that raises beef, pork, turkey, and chicken located in Edinburg, VA that sells directly to customers via our farm store, drop sites, home deliveries, and shipping.

We are looking to hire a part-time proactive individual who has marketing & branding experience. The position is self-driven where the sky is the limit for how much can be made as it is completely commission based. Salary is based fully on a percentage of product sold through the drop sites. We are looking for someone who is excited about the big possibilities of this position.

This person would be responsible for retaining and taking care of current customer base along with growing the drop sites and creating new ones. The drop sites are located throughout Northern VA, Tidewater, & Shenandoah Valley. Some of the ways this is done (but not limited to this list) is management of website, customer communications, scheduling drop sites, newsletters/marketing emails, social media, etc.

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