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Grass Fed Beef

Should I buy in Bulk?

This question that is asked time and time again.

We are here to answer your questions and hopefully take the scariness out of the decision, making the process simple & easy.

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What is your situation?

> I have a large family.

> My teenagers never stop raiding the kitchen, I need CLEAN food and lots of it!!!

> I want to make smart decisions with my budget.

> Things feel a little unstable and I want meat in my freezer so I don't have to worry.

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There’s so much value and peace of mind gained when you purchase meat in bulk to stock your freezer.

Whether you plan to use it in just a couple of months or over 2 years, easy, healthy meals are at your fingertips when you’re well stocked in premium grass fed beef or pasture raised pork!

We know you’re making a lot of decisions when you take the step to purchase a half cow or whole pork hog.

We hope that this page will help you understand some of the finer details of purchasing in bulk, and give you an accurate idea of what you can expect from beginning to end.

Our goal is for you to be informed and to understand (and enjoy!) the process.

First, let’s define a few terms:

Live Weight: Live animal standing on a scale.

Hanging Weight (H/W): Weight from butcher after harvest but prior to breakdown. It is from this number that your cost is calculated.

Take Home Weight (T/W): Final weight of actual meat that is packaged for your freezer.

Remember, because every animal is different in size, everything is based on averages and will not be exact to what you will receive.

If you need to know exact quantities and not just a general idea of the amount of meat, purchasing individual cuts by the piece would be the best way to go.

Most F.A.Q.

How much does it cost?

The average cost of a whole hog is $1,300.

The average cost of a half beef is $2,400.

How much meat are we talking about?

Here's a quick average:

WHOLE HOG: The average take home weight is 150ish pounds and you can expect around 4 to 5 cardboard boxes (18x12x8).

HALF BEEF: The average take home weight is 240ish pounds and you can expect around 6 to 7 cardboard boxes (18x12x8).

What cuts come in the Bone-In & Boneless Options?

We have created an easy to read chart to understand the average amount of cuts of meat in each of these options. For more experienced shoppers, we also have a custom option to create your own cut preference.



How is the meat packaged?

Your meat will come in clear vacuum sealed packages that will last for years in your freezer without an issue.  Each package and cardboard box will be labeled appropriately.

How much freezer space do I need?

A whole hog takes up about 3-4 cubic feet.

A half beef takes up an average of 5-6 cubic feet.

Do I need to pay extra for the butcher cost?

No. The butcher cost is included in the cost.

How do I pick-up?

> Pick Up directly from the farm: You can pick up from our on-farm store located at 4010 Swover Creek Rd, Edinburg, VA.

> Drop Site Delivery: We have local drop sites located throughout Virginia and we can deliver your bulk purchase to any of these locations. The delivery cost is $100.

> Home Delivery By Farmer: If you qualify for Home Delivery by Farmer (check by putting in your zip code to see if this option shows up), we personally deliver your bulk purchase to your door. The delivery cost is $125.

> UPS Home Delivery: We ship all throughout the continental United States. So whether you live in central Virginia or California, we can ship your bulk purchase via UPS directly to your door. Please be sure to check our SHIPPING COST PAGE HERE to see list of rates.

Best Experience I've ever had ordering half a beef.

Morning, I wanted you all to know how fortunate we are to have the half beef in our freezer. I was so concerned that this was going to be a disaster because we’ve never purchased beef in bulk. I was worried it wouldn’t be a lot of meat for the price we paid. I quickly realized that there was no reason for concern. This has been the most exciting and pleasurable experience. I will certainly do it again.
Dionna A, Excited Customer since July 2022 Dionna A, Excited Customer since July 2022
I just wanted to say thank you! As a mother of three girls and someone who has Crohn’s disease, I am always looking for the best quality food. It is so important to me what I am feeding my family. We have bought meat from a few farms before but my husband found your farm and we bought a cow this past Saturday. The meat is beyond expectations. It is the best we have ever had! I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me to provide my family with the healthiest, best food possible.
Janelle Behm, Customer since Dec 2020
We are very happy with our purchase… We went through the last of our ground beef about three weeks ago and are down to just a few steaks and roasts. We had been buying organic 100% grass fed beef from Wegmans for about two years prior to ordering from you which was a step above what we used to buy at the grocery store. The beef we got from you blows the Wegmans beef out of the water, the flavor is great, and the packaging of the beef is perfect for us size wise... The cuts are all great and we have even enjoyed the roasts, which are not usually our favorite. Thanks so much.
Bobby Fedelle - Norfolk, VA Bobby Fedelle - Norfolk, VA

What steps do I take to reserve my bulk purchase?

5 simple steps from start to finish AND we are right by your side every step of the way.


  • Make your selection (Shop Purchase in Bulk).
  • Choose Delivery or Pick-up method: Free Pick-Up - Choose On-Farm Store: Change your location by using zip code 22824 and choose ON-FARM STORE. Drop Site Delivery Fee is $100, Home Delivery by Farmer is $125, and UPS Home Delivery varies, please see sheet (Please Note: Delivery cost is separate from the cost of your half beef, see Delivery Cost Sheet here).
  • Payment Method. Pay $250 deposit by credit card at checkout or choose Pay at Pick-Up (to mail check right away to reserve your spot). Delivery cost will be added to your initial deposit.
  • Date at checkout: Please note that the date given when placing your order is just for the reservation and NOT THE DATE your bulk order will be ready. Your order will be ready on the month and date listed you made the reservation for.


  • After your order has been placed, within the next couple of days you will receive an email which includes Confirmation of Reservation and Cuts Preference Form for you to fill out. This sheet is where you will let us know how you want your beef or pork to be cut just by answering questions. Be sure to submit this form within a week to finish up the last touches!


  • You will receive an invoice which is due 6 weeks prior to ready date for $800 to pay via credit card link or by mailing a check (whichever option you choose).


  • We will have your final invoice total emailed to you a couple of days prior to pick-up. Your payment is due within 7 days of receiving your invoice. Generally this is at pick-up, but if for some reason picking up is delayed, we ask that your check is mailed or credit card (3.5% fee) is charged.


Woohoo! It's always exciting for us to send you quick note to let you know that everything is done and expected ready date is on schedule (or notify you if that date has to move due to butcher taking longer than expected). Either way, we are sure to communicate as time gets closer!

  • ON FARM PICK-UP: You are expected to pick up your order on pick-up day.  If you are unavailable on that particular day, we will make an appointment for the next earliest day that works for both of us.
  • DROP SITE & HOME DELIVERY: Order will be delivered to the next drop site date that is available after ready date.
  • UPS HOME DELIVERY: Your order will be shipped via UPS at the beginning of the next week available.


Your meat will come frozen in clear vacuum sealed packages in cardboard boxes.  Each box will be labeled with what cuts are inside.  Each package will come with a label of what cut of meat it is with the exception of ground beef or ground pork/sausage.  You can plan to transfer your meat home in these cardboard boxes.