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Beef Souvlaki Kabobs
Bake or Grill these flavorful kabobs with your favorite vegetables for a delicious weeknight dinner!
Chicken Curry Dry Rub
Our Family Favorite Dry Rub for all meats - chicken, pork, beef, & turkey.
Chicken Soup
A classic homemade chicken soup. One of our favorites! We keep it gluten free by using rice.
Chicken Salad
A perfect summer lunch recipe! For a lighter meal enjoy your chicken salad over mixed greens or as a lettuce wrap instead of on bread.
Chicken Enchiladas
This is one of our family's favorite recipes! With a broth-based cream sauce rather than a red sauce, this version of Enchiladas is creamy and delicious and a big hit with kids.
How to Cook a Whole Chicken Broiler
Cooking with a whole chicken might seem intimidating, but it's actually easy! Using one of the methods below, you will get tender, cooked chicken to eat as-is next to your favorite veggies and sides, or to shred and use in a variety of recipes like chicken soup, chicken pot pie, or enchiladas. The options are endless. Once you're done cooking the chicken, don't forget to save the carcass and make chicken bone broth to get the most out of your chicken!
Honey Baked Chicken
This recipe for baked chicken is simple and so tasty! We like to make it with our bone-in chicken thighs. They fall apart when cooked in the honey-butter mixture and bone-in thighs bring extra flavor and tenderness to the dish. The simple additions of mustard and curry powder round out the seasonings and are sure to be a crowd pleaser with adults and kids alike!

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