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Free Farm-to-Neighborhood Delivery

Here's the inside scoop on Drop Sites & Flex Pick-Up

(What are Drop Sites & Flex Pick-Up? Learn more in Ways to Buy.)

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"Tried our local drop site for the first time today — the meat looks incredible and we are really excited about all the amazing things we can make. Thank you for what you do and we look forward to ordering again!"

Joshua H. | Herndon, VA

How It Works

1 Sign Up

Create your free account and choose the Drop Site (set time) or Flex Pick-Up (flexible pick-up hours) closest to you.

2 Shop

Add pastured, tasty meats & eggs to your online order. Make changes through the Sunday before your scheduled delivery.

3 Pick Up

On delivery day, either meet us in person to pick up your order (Drop Site) or pick up your order later in the day (Flex Pick-Up).

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—Drop Site/Flex Pick-Up FAQ—

Newcomers & General Questions

Do I have to order every month?

There is no requirement to order every month. (Though we do hope you'll consider making it your "new normal" to shop with us for clean, wholesome meats!)

Is there a required minimum order to pick up at a Drop Site/Flex Pick-Up?

There is no required minimum to pick up at any Drop Site or Flex Pick-Up.

Is there a fee to pick up at a Drop Site or Flex Pick-Up?

There is no fee to pick up your order at the scheduled delivery time (this is the "Drop Site" option).

The "Flex Pick-Up" option, where a Drop Site host holds orders and keeps them cool and protected for pick-up later in the day, comes with a flat $3 fee per order. This covers the use of freezers and refrigerators and/or the use and storage of insulated coolers to keep orders cool. This fee is automatically added at checkout to all Flex Pick-Up orders.

Placing Drop Site/Flex Pick-Up Orders

When do I need to place my order? Can I make changes after I've placed it?

You may place an order and make changes through the Sunday before your scheduled delivery. We send out email reminders ahead of all order deadlines, and many people schedule reminders into their phones. Order deadlines occur on a predictable schedule every 4 weeks.

What if I do miss an order deadline? Can I order late?

We generally cannot fill late orders. However, feel free to email us at If we are able to fill your order in time for this month's drop at your usual location, a $10 late order fee will be added to your order. Other options include moving your pick-up to a drop site scheduled later in the month at a different location, or having this month's order shipped to your home. (shipping fees apply; please note that we do not ship eggs or honey)

Picking Up Drop Site Orders

Do I have to be at my Drop Site at the exact time it's scheduled?

Yes. For our in-person Drop Site deliveries we require that you arrive on time at the scheduled time and place. We value everyone's time and keep carefully to our schedule to make sure we are on time for the Drop Site locations that follow. Flex Pick-Up is a great alternative if you prefer or need a more flexible pick-up option.

What if I signed up for the Drop Site — and I'm running late?

Contact Laura (540-333-1867) as soon as possible.

What happens if I forget to pick up my order?

It is up to you to contact us to make alternate arrangements. Please note that all alternate delivery and pick-up options incur service fees. 

If we don't hear from you, we will cancel your order (a $10 restocking fee applies to cancelled orders). 

Picking Up Flex Pick-Up Orders

Are there special guidelines for Flex Pick-Up orders?

Yes. Flex Pick-Up has separate guidelines which are emailed to you for your approval when you place a Flex Pick-Up order online. You can preview the Flex Pick-Up user agreement here.

Paying for your Order

What forms of payment do you accept?

For Drop Site orders, we prefer online payment by credit card when you place your order. We accept cash or check in person at the drop site.

Flex Pick-Up orders must be prepaid online by credit card when you place your order.

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Curious about hosting a drop site? Contact us here!

"Love their products! Fresh, tasty, eco-friendly and humane! Reasonable prices, convenient pickup locations and very friendly staff. One very happy customer!"

Guilliana G. | 5-Star Google Review