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Drop Sites FAQ

Everything you need to know about our neighborhood Drop Sites

"Tried our local drop site for the first time today — the meat looks incredible and we are really excited about all the amazing things we can make. Thank you for what you do and we look forward to ordering again!"

Joshua H. | Herndon, VA

Customer since 2015

How Do Drop Sites Work?

1 Sign Up

Create your free account and choose the pickup location closest to you. In most cases, it's simply the driveway of a local home. Easy-peasy!

2 Stock Up

Browse the Online Farm Store and add pastured, tasty meat & eggs to your order. Make changes or add items through the Sunday before your drop.

3 Show Up

On your scheduled pickup date and time, meet us to pick up your order! You're stocked with clean, healthy meat for the month.

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J&L Drop Site pick-up, May 2022

—Drop Site FAQ—

Newcomers & General Questions

I want to try out my local Drop Site. Can I place a single order?

Yes! We love it when new customers try us out.

Once I'm using a Drop Site, do I have to order every month?

Many families love the simplicity and predictability of monthly ordering, but there is no requirement to order every month.

Is there a required minimum order to pick up at a Drop Site?

No minimum order is required.

Is there a fee to pick up at a Drop Site?

Our neighborhood drops enjoy free delivery. A few retail stores that host Drop Sites issue small service fees.

Placing Drop-Site Orders

When do I need to place my order?

You can place an order or make changes to an existing order anytime until Sunday midnight before your scheduled drop.

I missed this month's deadline to place my order! Can I order late?

We generally cannot fill late orders. However, feel free to email us and check ( If we are able to fill your order in time for this month's drop at your usual location, a $10 late order fee will be added to your order. Other options include moving your pick-up to a drop scheduled later in the month at a different location, or having this month's order shipped to your home.

Picking Up Drop-Site Orders

Do I have to be at the Drop Site at the exact time it's scheduled?

Yes, for our Traditional Drop Sites we ask for you to arrive on time at the specific time and place. We value everyone's time and keep carefully to our schedule to make sure we are on time for the Drop Site locations that follow.

Are there any Drop Sites with flexible pick-up hours?

Yes — look for a Freezer Drop or Cooler Drop, which offer larger windows of time for pick-up (usually several hours). In addition, some Traditional Drop Site Hosts are willing to make arrangements with families who can't pick up at the scheduled time.

I'm running late to the Drop Site — what should I do?

Contact Laura (540-333-1867) as soon as possible.

I forgot to pick up my order. What happens now?

Sorry we missed you! Please contact us right away and let us know what to do with your order. We can: a) hold your order and re-deliver to next month's drop at your usual location; b) move your pick-up to a drop scheduled later in the month at a different location; c) ship your order to your home address (normal shipping rates and a $10 service fee apply; please note that eggs and honey cannot be shipped); d) cancel your order (2% restocking fee applies). If we don't hear from you, we will cancel your order (2% restocking fee applies). 

I can't pick up at my usual Drop Site time this month. Can I still get an order?

At some Traditional Drop Sites, we have flexibility to leave your order with the host, or we can arrange in advance for a cooler to be left. Please ask in advance and see if arrangements can be made. Or, place an order for shipping directly to your address.

Can someone else pick up my order for me?

Yes, someone else can pick up your order for you.

Paying for your Drop-Site Order

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check, or credit card payments at the Drop Site. Or, pay online when you place your order to "grab & go" at the drop.

Finding a Drop Site

Where are the Drop Sites located?

Search locations here.

I can't find any Drop Site locations near me. What can I do?

Would you like to learn about hosting your own? Drop Site hosts enjoy a discount on all of their personal orders and the convenience of monthly delivery to their door. Learn more about hosting a Drop Site.

Another option is shipping to your home; shipping is free once an order minimum is reached (order minimum varies depending on shipping zone). Learn more about UPS Home Delivery.

What's your Drop Site style?

1 Traditional Drop

Host allows use of their driveway to park our delivery vehicle, set up a table, and distribute orders to customers at the designated time/date.

On the occasion of a customer running late or needing to show up a bit later in the day, the host may allow us to leave an order (front porch, driveway, etc.) for the customer to grab at a later time.

2 Cooler Drop

Host allows use of their porch, carport, or other sheltered area to place a cooler for all orders.

Orders are packed in separate plastic bags and clearly labeled with customers' names. Thay can be picked up anytime during a set timeframe (usually 3-4 hours).

3 Freezer Drop

Host allows us use of a freezer large enough to fit multiple orders.

Orders can be picked up anytime during a set timeframe determined by the host.

Host ensures access to freezers, or retrieves orders for customers, during scheduled pick-up hours.

Other questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us! We're here to help!

"Your drop site location is convenient to my home ... it helps me manage my time efficiently."

Nancy A. | Northern Virginia
Customer since 2017