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Behind the Scenes: Summer 2023

written by

Meg Peery

posted on

September 19, 2023


Jordan does a great job recording a lot of the behind-the-scenes activity that happens on our farm.

As we finish up an extremely dry summer in the Shenandoah Valley, and a 100° heat wave in early September, we're so thankful for the way we steward our land.

One of the practices we use, called managed grazing, means we strategically & continually move our animals to fresh sections of pasture the way herds move in the wild. Because of this, our soils are healthy. They're packed with essential nutrients and beneficial microbes. They hold water.

This is nature's blueprint.

With careful herd and land management, our farm's soil produced live grass for our animals all the way through this bone-dry summer—while most neighbors were feeding hay and busting out silage by late July as their pastures went dormant.

Here's a peek behind the scenes of Summer 2023.

REELS (Click to view)


PHOTOS (Captions below)


Momma sow with piglets


Pretty bird, enjoying fresh air and pasture


Cows and poultry shelters, weathering the drought

Learn more about how we steward the land and raise our animals.

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