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July 2021 Newsletter

July 2, 2021

Grass Fed Girls

We're well into Summer and that means our cows are enjoying a mix of lush grasses.

We feed our cows only grass and hay, never grains, because we believe that herbivores are meant to eat grass! 

The Cows are some of our favorite animals here on the farm - we enjoy their calm, steady presence. Some are shy and some are quite friendly, but they're all excited to see us when it's time to move to new pasture! 


Moving the Herd 

We take full advantage of the healthy, vigorous pasture during warm weather and move our herd often to fresh ground. 

The cows look forward to their regular moves, and stroll over to the next section of untouched grass with only a few calls from Jordan. 


What Makes our Beef Operation Regenerative?

We believe that grass is the best natural diet for ruminating (grazing) animals. And healthy animals produce healthy meat!

By rotating our cows constantly through fresh pasture, we also 

naturally fertilize the soil on our farm and improve our pasture land.

We honor the herbivore by offering fresh grass with frequent moves to produce healthy meat and healthy land!


How to Cook Grassfed Steaks 

Have you ever worried that you might “mess up” your beautiful, grass-fed steak by cooking the wrong way? 

It’s true, grass fed beef should be cooked a little differently than conventional grain-fed beef, in order to achieve that tender, juicy experience we all love.

Click the link to read how we cook our grass fed steaks.

View Recipe


"Grass Farmers" 

First and foremost we call ourselves “Grass Farmers”. Do you know why?

It's because grass is the foundation of all animals raised on our farm.

Our cows especially benefit from the dense, healthy pasture that we’ve cultivated over the years (as this is their only food source). 

The cows also help the grass as they eat, disturb, and fertilize! It’s a beautiful, symbiotic relationship that gets better every year.


Reserve your Bulk Beef Now!

It's time to reserve a half a cow for your family! 

We are now taking reservations for custom Half Beef orders to be ready in September, October and December. 

We Make Buying in Bulk a Breeze:

- Ordering made simple

- Pick up and delivery options to suit you

- A freezerful of delicious cuts at your fingertips


Reserve today! 


See Bulk Beef Dates

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