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Small Actions, Big Impact

August 17, 2022

Think small actions make little difference in accomplishing a big goal? What if they are the main thing that makes a difference?

PHOTOS 1 + 2: Jordan moving fencing.

PHOTO 3: Team member moving a mobile pasture shelter.

Want to wager a guess as to how often these repeated actions take place?

🐂 Cows: every few days | 🐷 Pigs: every 7-10 days | 🐔 Chickens: 1-2 times every day | 🦃 Turkeys: every 3 days

That's a lot of animal-moving! Maybe it's just me, but I don't imagine it feels super glamorous or earth-shattering the 350th time one of the farm team moves a pasture shelter. Likewise, when you imagine someone saving the world, I'll bet Jordan stringing a new line of fencing isn't the first image that pops into your head. It looks kinda ordinary, right? Kind of insignificant?


Moving tight herds of animals across grassland—day in and day out, like herds would do naturally in a grassland ecosystem—builds gorgeous soil. And rich soil = healthy plants = healthy root systems = carbon being funneled out of the air and into the ground by the ton. The microbes down there adore that carbon. (Way more than Earth's atmosphere does, if you see where I'm going with this.)

So: What if small, repeated actions are the main thing that makes a difference in accomplishing big goals? And what if you (you!) have a huge amount of power to act in ways that positively impact your body's health and the health of the planet?

Join us.

Meg Peery

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