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A Fresh Take on Shipping

written by

Meg Peery

posted on

May 8, 2023


Sometimes you spring-clean your kitchen (that's Laura's, above).

And sometimes, you spring-clean your shipping policies! Lol

We've been looking for ways to simplify our on-farm shipping operations AND improve your experience as a shipping customer.

Here's what we came up with...and why we're making each change.


Update #1
2-Day Shipping is switching to a 4-week schedule (just like our drop sites)

Order deadlines for 2-Day Shipping:

Sun, May 14th
Sun, Jun 11th
Sun, Jul 9th
Sun, Aug 6th
Sun, Sep 3rd
Sun, Oct 1st
Sun, Oct 29th
Sun, Nov 26th
Sun, Dec 24th

-2-Day Orders will ship on Wednesdays & arrive on Fridays-


1. 2-Day shipments need dry ice while traveling - especially during warmer months. (And for some of you, it's always "warmer months"!) Our dry ice supplier is an hour's drive from the farm, but it luckily lines up with a delivery route that we travel every four weeks. Picking it up at that time, and doing all of our 2-Day shipments on that one day, makes a lot of sense for our busy farm schedule.

2. Something else for you to know, which our monthly drop site friends have known for years, is that buying an entire category of your grocery list only one time per month is wonderful. (Not to mention knowing upfront that every item you bought is ethical, safe, and of the absolute highest quality, vs. whatever was left on the grocery shelf.) If you've never tried buying pastured meats on a 4-week schedule...consider it!

1-Day Shipping Friends: Your orders do not require dry ice and will continue to be available weekly with ice packs. But we really encourage you to try the 4-week schedule! All email shipping reminders will now line up with the new schedule listed above, so it'll be easy if you want to join in with the new routine.

Update #2
Shipping customers who choose to Subscribe & Save 5% on every order have the option to set their subscription frequency to 4 weeks OR 8 weeks to meet their family's needs.

Why Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save helps make our monthly schedule & expected monthly income more predictable, it's free, and you can save 5%! You can edit or skip orders as often as you like until every order deadline, and we'll remember when it's time for your next shipment and notify you in plenty of time for you to make changes or decide to skip it.

Another point to consider: to help you combine Subscribe & Save with free shipping, we offer shipping friends the option to time your deliveries for every 8 weeks if desired.

Simply figure out how long it takes your family to gobble up the amount of high-quality pastured meats it takes to hit your new (reduced!) Free Shipping minimum (see below), and adjust your Subscribe & Save schedule accordingly.

Update #3
We've simplified (and reduced!) our Free Shipping minimums!

Virginia + all Eastern orders

2-Day Express Central + West orders



This one's simple: free shipping makes it easier for us to help you access ethical, high-quality meats and farm products when you don't live near a farm or a drop site. 


Our hope is that combining these 3 updates will:

a) simplify the way you shop,
b) elevate the quality of your protein
c) make clean, wholesome eating a habit,
d) make it practical, affordable, and deliciously routine to integrate our farm's high-quality products into your family's nutrient-dense life.

Let us know what you think!


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