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Why We Chose Éban's Bakehouse as our Farm's Gluten-Free Breads Partner

written by

Meg Peery

posted on

April 14, 2023


Spring is definitely springing here in the Shenandoah Valley, and so is our range of product offerings! 🌷🌷

We're thrilled to share with you Éban’s Bakehouse—the environmentally-conscious, family-owned, GLUTEN-FREE bakery where our newest product offerings are crafted with care and conscience.

We love Éban’s because their gluten-free baked goods are made with exceptionally high-quality ingredients, and they taste amazing. 

Co-owners and husband-wife team Eric ("Michael") Braddock and Adrienne Novak are both professional chefs, and when you taste their products...let's just say, you can tell!


We also love Éban’s because they make their breads and cookies the way we would make them if we did it ourselves.

Their breads are free of soy, wheat, dairy and preservatives, and loaded with high-quality, non-GMO, responsibly-sourced ingredients.

Their eggs come from free-roaming chickens raised by a local Amish cooperative.

The butter used in their cookies comes from local, grass-fed cows.


We also love Éban’s Bakehouse because it's veteran-owned, like us! And Eric & Adrienne are unwavering in their commitment to using only the very best nutrient-dense, organic ingredients. 

Their motto: No gluten. No regrets! 


Available in the Online Store

*Shipping friends, view products here and see note below :)

*SHIPPING FRIENDS: As of 4/14/23, we are not yet shipping Éban's products, but we are working on a solution to be sure they arrive in perfect condition (and not a pile of crumbs!) when we do! Because they're not yet viewable to you in our online store, we created an Éban’s Shipping Preview Page HERE so you can take a look. We will let you know when they are available to ship!


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