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Thinking about hosting a Drop Site?

Everything you need to know about being a neighborhood Drop Site Host

As a J&L Green Farm Drop Site Host, you are...

Building community

Protecting human health

Restoring the planet

Spreading amazing food!

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J&L Green Farm Pastured Whole Chicken Broiler

Three Steps to a New Drop Site

1 Want Good Food

You want good food for your family.
You want a farm you trust.
You want it to be easy.

2 Request Good Food

Fill out the form below.
Gather 15 families.
We'll be in touch!

3 Get Good Food!

Pick your regular day & time.
Place your order and show up.
A new Drop Site is born!

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Set up for a neighborhood Drop Site, May 2022

Frequently-Asked Questions about Hosting a Drop Site

Who can I invite to join my Drop Site?

Anyone who loves amazing food!

Spread the word to friends, neighbors, and coworkers, as well as members of your school, homeschool, sports, civic, church and parent communities.

How do I tell people?

We provide a sample message that you can personalize and send from your phone. We also provide a digital flier that you can share with a click on social media, email, and in online groups.

Hosts have also had success reaching out to homeowners' associations or friends in nearby neighborhoods, and printing and posting fliers on community bulletin boards (library, post office, etc.).

Is there a limit to the number of families who can use a single Drop Site?

Yes — but the solution is simple! Once we get close to the maximum amount our delivery vehicle can hold for a particular delivery route or Drop Site, we typically split into two routes/sites and deliver on two different days. There's room for everyone at our table. :)

Is there a minimum number of families required to start a Drop Site, or keep a Drop Site running?

We want you to have a thriving Drop Site community! To achieve this, we have a Drop Site Families goal for each site of 15 or more participating families per site.

Hosts play an important role in monitoring their site's Drop Site Families total, but all participating families play an active supporting role in sustaining their thriving Drop Site community.

We check in regularly with you and your Drop Site community to let you know where your site currently stands, and work out an easy plan to help you reach the Drop Site Families goal for your site if you’re not already there. Thank you for being a part of this important (and tasty!) cause. We appreciate you!

Do Drop Sites have to meet monthly?

We can do monthly, quarterly, or one-time drops depending on customer interest. As long as the Drop Site Families goal of 15 or more participating families per site is met, and your location is within our delivery range, the farm comes to you!

How far will you travel for a Drop Site?

We will deliver within 4 hours' drive of our farm in Edinburg, Virginia.

Our current routes run along I-81, I-66, and I-64, with new sites now forming along these routes and along US 33.

If a proposed Drop Site is a significant distance from our current routes, we may require a higher Drop Site Families total for that site or seek our Host's assistance in establishing a few other drops in their area before beginning deliveries.

Other questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us! We're here to help!

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J&L Green Farm Pastured Eggs and Forested Pork Link Sausage

Potential Hosts: What's your Drop-Site style?

1 Traditional Drop

Host allows use of their driveway to park our delivery vehicle, set up a table, and distribute orders to customers at the designated time/date.

On the occasion of a customer running late or needing to show up a bit later in the day, the host may allow us to leave an order (front porch, driveway, etc.) for the customer to grab at a later time.

2 Cooler Drop

Host allows use of their porch, carport, or other sheltered area to place a cooler for all orders.

Orders are packed in separate plastic bags and clearly labeled with customers' names. Thay can be picked up anytime during a set timeframe (usually 3-4 hours).

Host stores cooler(s) between drops.

3 Freezer Drop

Host allows us use of a freezer large enough to fit multiple orders.

Orders can be picked up anytime during a set timeframe determined by the host.

Host ensures access to freezers, or retrieves orders for customers, during scheduled pick-up hours.

Thank You!

Drop Site hosts give their local communities easy access to high-quality, pastured meats, and receive a 3% discount on personal orders every time they order.

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J&L Green Farm Pastured Pork Bone-In Chop

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