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Bone-In Small Ribeye Steak

Bone-In Small Ribeye Steak

Please note that our delicious Bone-In Small Ribeye Steak comes 1 steak per package.

This mouthwatering Bone-In Ribeye is a griller's dream!

Sourced from our rotationally grazed, grass-fed cattle, the bone-in small ribeye steak boasts rich marbling and a well-distributed fat cap that enhances its natural flavors and juiciness. The bone itself acts as a conductor of heat, imparting a unique depth of flavor that infuses every bite. 

Cooking this cut: We recommend a medium-rare to medium doneness, allowing the marbling to create a flavorful crust while maintaining a juicy, pink center. 

Serving Suggestions: We like to serve bone-in ribeye with sautéed veggies or a side salad, and seasoned rice. It also makes a great steak sandwich, either with simple fixings you have on hand or with fancier ones like caramelized onions, arugula, and horseradish. Try it on our delicious breads! 

Food Fact!
The meat nearest the bone in a bone-in steak is usually the most tender, flavorful and rare.