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Dozen Pastured Eggs

Dozen Pastured Eggs

Orange Yolks - Give them a Try!
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Eggs are full of nutrition and a great way to start every day, like you would with a multivitamin. Pasture Raised Eggs are high in Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and B12. With all of the time outdoors in the sunshine with fresh lush green grass, they are also high in chlorophyll which is able to purify the body, and relieve inflammation. Fuel your brain by eating 2 eggs every morning to get a great healthy start of your day.

We have been working with another farm that raises their chickens just like we would if we were still raising egg layers. With partnering with this farm in our local area, we are able to bring you delicious, high quality pasture raised eggs from Edgewood Farms. The chickens are raised on pasture with GMO free feed. We hope you will enjoy these and welcome your feedback anytime.