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Virginia Organic Maple Syrup

Virginia Organic Maple Syrup

Mill Gap Farms uses some of the latest technology to make the most delicious maple syrup in Virginia. From our new evaporator, aka our YouTube video, “Big Shinny Thing”, to our electronic monitoring of our trees, we believe in being a good steward of our sugar bush and being as efficient as possible. Only water from our farm is used to make Virginia’s only Organic Maple Syrup. We never blend other syrups with ours nor do we blend within the color spectrum. If the syrup is light that day during the boiling, this is what is bottled. Same holds true for a medium or a dark. The color can sometimes determine the boldness of the flavor. We make predominately a light (equivalent to Grade A fancy delicate) and sometimes a medium syrup. At the end of every season, dark is made. Think of syrup sort of like coffee. The darker the roast the more bold the flavor. Same holds true for syrup. Color is affected by the weather. The colder the weather the lighter the syrup. The warmer the weather, the darker more robust the maple flavor. For more information about making maple syrup visit us on YouTube “MillGapFarms”.  



Pure Virginia Organic Maple Syrup