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Summer Produce CSA


The freshest, beyond-organic produce for 2024.

What is a CSA and why should you sign up for one? Click here.

2024 CSA Sign-Ups

We're taking sign-ups for the 2024 growing season right now!

Please note we do have limited numbers and will be allowing those who successfully participated last year to have first priority.

Please also note that you must sign up in advance.

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Your first payment (50% deposit) will be charged once we confirm your reservation. Remaining balance will be charged on April 25th.

NOVA 1 Drop Site — Every 4 Weeks

Front Royal, Warrenton, Centreville, Vienna, South Riding

NOVA 2 Drop Site — Every 4 Weeks

Fairfax, Mantua, Woodburn, Arlington, Alexandria

Farm Store Pick-Up — Every 2 or 4 Weeks

Pick up at our On-Farm Store in Edinburg

UPS Home Delivery — Every 2 or 4 Weeks

VA and 1-Day Shipping Customers Only

2024 CSA Details

We are proud to be working again with Saint Luke Farm in Woodstock, VA. Our customers had a fantastic experience with their produce last year and we are excited to be partnering with them again in 2024.

This summer's CSA boxes will consist of the freshest, beyond-organic produce from Saint Luke's, which typically includes main-interest root crops like potatoes, onions, and carrots, Spring and Fall specialties such as snap peas, salad mixes, radishes, spinach, and kale, Summer gems like Sungold cherry tomatoes and heirloom slicing tomatoes, sweet peppers, and fresh beans, as well as the occasional fresh herb bundle, and various head lettuces.  You may potentially see much smaller harvests/runs of broccolis, cabbages, Asian greens, beets, and turnips as well.

Your membership will also consist of a weekly email or printout (on weeks that you receive your box) which includes helpful storage tips and some of Saint Luke's Farm's favorite recipes. Edible flowers for your table just love to show up in shares as well! 

Purchasing a CSA share means the world to small-scale farming. Having income early in the farming year helps farmers with early season timely inputs such as seed cost and soil health. Thank you for allowing us to bring freshness from Saint Luke's to your table this upcoming growing season!

What this DOES mean: You get a full variety of in-season, very fresh produce hand-picked by the farmer.

What this DOES NOT mean: You do not get to pick and choose what comes in the boxes; the specific contents of boxes are pre-set by the farmer.

How much produce is in a box?

Because boxes always feature the freshest veggies ready for harvest on picking day, opening your box and revealing the varieties and quantities inside is a large part of the fun of receiving your boxes! 

You can expect boxes that mirror the growing cycle. The folks at Saint Luke Farm strive for weekly balance but also go with the flow of the harvest to give you the freshest and ripest produce possible in every box. They make sure a smaller box today is balanced by a noticeably larger box later on.

Here are three examples of what you might expect—keeping in mind that we are painting a picture using a few sample boxes from last year, not providing an exact list of 2024's unique box contents & quantities:

Early Season example box: 5oz spinach, 1 bunch of green onions, 1 bunch of breakfast radishes, 1 bunch of turnips, 1lb of bok choy, 1 bundle of kale, micro greens 2 oz, 1 pound of sugar snap peas.

Main Season example box:
1 bundle of basil, 1 pound of bush beans, 2-4 units of squash and zucchini, 12 oz new potatoes, 3-4 sweet peppers, one pint of sun gold cherry tomatoes, one pound of slicing tomatoes, 2 cucumbers.

Late Season example box:
one winter squash (2-3lbs), one bundle of japanese greens, 1lb of carrots, 5oz of salad mix, one pound of kohlrabi, 2lb cabbage, one bundle of beets.

How long does the produce stay fresh?

We'll turn this one over to a customer from last year!

"My family found some weeks were busier than others and sometimes we didn't get to the produce right away. It stored up to 2-3 weeks without losing the freshness of the product. We found that we never wasted any product because it had a nice shelf life (especially compared to grocery store produce that sits around a long time before it eventually gets purchased. Not to mention grocery store produce is normally picked before it's fully ripe which means less flavor and less nutrition!)."

Delivery/Pick-Up Schedule:

Saint Luke Farm's 2024 CSA season will run from early May through the end of October. The pick-up or delivery method you select will determine the exact dates your subscription will begin and end, as well as your frequency, schedule, number of boxes, and total cost.

NOVA 1 Schedule
1-box subscription can expect 6 boxes

Drop Sites: Front Royal, Warrenton, Centerville, Vienna, South Riding
Delivery Dates: 5/22, 6/19, 7/17, 8/14, 9/11, 10/9

NOVA 2 Schedule
1-box subscription can expect 7 boxes

Drop Sites: Fairfax, Mantua, Woodburn, Arlington, Alexandria
Delivery Dates: 5/8, 6/5, 7/3, 7/31, 8/28, 9/25, 10/23

Farm Store Pick-Up Schedule - 2-week frequency
1-box subscription can expect 12 boxes

Pick-Up Dates: Every two weeks beginning 5/15 and ending 10/16

Farm Store Pick-Up Schedule - 4-week frequency
1-box subscription can expect 6 boxes
Pick-Up Dates: Every four weeks beginning 5/15 and ending 10/16

UPS Home Delivery Schedule - 2-week frequency
1-box subscription can expect 12 boxes

Available to: VA Shipping & 1-Day Shipping addresses only
Delivery Dates: Every two weeks beginning 5/16 and ending 10/17

UPS Home Delivery Schedule - 4-week frequency
1-box subscription can expect 6 boxes

Available to: VA Shipping & 1-Day Shipping addresses only
Delivery Dates: Every four weeks beginning 5/16 and ending 10/17

More than 1 box desired?

You will have the opportunity to choose more than 1 box while filling out your sign-up, and choose how you want pick-up/delivery to happen.

Out of state?

We are choosing to keep it local this year and will only be shipping to Virginia and 1-Day Shipping addresses. Feel free to check back next year and let us know your interest.

50% Deposit:

Having income early in the farming year helps CSA farmers with early-season timely inputs such as seed cost and soil health. A 50% deposit is required to save your spot, and the remaining balance is due end of April for the starting of box deliveries in May. You are also welcome to pay 1 full payment up front (in place of 50% deposit) if you prefer.

Limited Spots Available:

Please be aware that due to limited numbers of CSA produce boxes available overall, and max number of boxes available per week, your reservation is not confirmed until you hear back from us.

Since we are offering something different than the standard weekly box, we can't guarantee your spot because you filled out the sign-up, but we have to make sure each week is properly and evenly filled up.

We are taking reservations on a 1st come, 1st served basis and according to the number of boxes available on the given week requested.

We plan to get back to everyone who signs up as quickly as possible to let you know if you can plan on getting your produce box through our farm this year! We are excited!