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Pork Variety Bundle

Pork Variety Bundle

Whole Hog Equivalent


Includes free delivery!

This is a great opportunity to stock up your freezer in one trip! This bundle represents a whole hog minus the fat, bones, & organs. This bundle is right around 150lbs of pork cuts plus lots of yummy ground pork or sausage of your choosing! All products will be packaged in vacuum sealed packages, ready to store in your freezer for the next year or two (if it actually stays around that long - who can resist bacon and sausage?)

What you can expect in your bundle....

Ground Pork/Sausage** = 45lbs (1lb pkgs)

Pork Chops = 19lbs (around 12 pkgs)

Smoked Sliced Bacon (or Sliced Fresh Side/Pork Belly if requested ) = 13lbs (1lb pkgs)

Boston Butt/Picnic Roast/Hocks = 30lbs (around 5 pkgs)

Fresh Ham = 20lbs (around 5 pkgs)

Spare Ribs/Baby Back Ribs = 4lbs (around 2 pkgs)

Pork Fat/Bones = 14lbs (around 3 pkgs)

**Choose your seasoning: Ground Pork, Breakfast Loose or Link, Mild Italian Loose or Link, 4oz Bratwurst.**

Please note sausage seasoning kind is subject to being in stock at time of purchase. Please put in your order notes during checkout the kind(s) of sausage you would like to create the 45lbs included in this bundle!

For those choosing to pick up directly from us, you can expect your bundle to come in 4.5 cardboard boxes for easy transportation.

Have you looked at purchasing a whole pork hob, but wanted the estimate to be exact rather than just an estimate? Well this bundle keeps it simple! It's straight forward and the total cost does not change. You also don't have to wait until a certain month, this bundle is available now and ready for your freezer. All packages are packed individually with easy cooking in mind. Sausage and bacon are all package 1 pound per package. Pork chops are 2 chops per package averaging 1.5lbs per package. The boston butt, picnic roasts, and hocks are bone-in averaging 3-5lbs per package. The fresh Ham roasts are boneless and average 4lbs per package - which this cut along with boston butt and picnic roasts are all really great for making pulled pork! Do you have a smoker - even better! SO SO TASTY!! The ribs can vary quite a bit and can be packaged between 1.5-3lbs per package. What a great way to get lots of clean, wholesome meat at your fingertips to make all kinds of family favorite meals! Be sure to checkout our recipe page here and follow us on social media for recipe and meal ideas!