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Pork Boneless Fresh Ham Roast

Pork Boneless Fresh Ham Roast

One of our Top 3 recommended roasts for mouthwatering Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork, our Pasture and Forest-Raised Fresh (Uncured) Ham Roast is ideal for "low and slow" cooking methods and lovers of fall-apart-tender meats.

Coming from the pork leg, Fresh Ham Roast is a favorite for smoking, covered slow-roasting in the oven, and slow steaming in the slow cooker or instant pot. 

Our Fresh Ham Roast makes delicious brined & seasoned pulled pork (recipe), or just toss it in your slow cooker or instant pot with a little water or broth (VA customers only). You don't even need to add seasoning to have it full of flavor and tasty!

Like all of the premium pork offerings we are known for, our Fresh Ham Roast comes from heritage-breed pigs born and raised humanely on our farm.