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Sausage Variety Bundle

Sausage Variety Bundle

Here at J&L Green Farm we pride ourselves for producing pork that creates the best tasting sausage coming from our own pigs raised outdoors on pasture and in the forest. You will find our pork sausage to be very meaty as we add boston butt and ham to the mix to create a very meaty and full of flavor sausage. The seasoning doesn't over power the meat, but just gives enough seasoning to be perfectly flavored.

So if you are a sausage lover or haven't tried all of the different sausage flavors and forms we offer, we would highly suggest giving this Sausage Variety Bundle a try and see if it's not the best you have ever tasted!!!

This Sausage Variety Bundle is 20lbs of our 1lb packages of sausage. You can expect to receive the full variety of sausage loose, patty, and links in various flavors such as breakfast, mild Italian, garlic, merguez, chorizo, kielbasa, plain, and country style sausage.

Grab yours today while it is available! No special request or substitutions are allowed on this special offer.

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