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Are we sold out of the size turkey you want?

Are you intimated to cook a whole turkey?

This turkey combo has all of the parts of a turkey, individually packaged and easy to brine and cook! Why not grab this Turkey Combo which has 2 packages of Skin-On Breast (total of 2 breasts), 1 package of thighs (total of 2 thighs), 1 package of legs (total of 2 legs) & a package of wings (total of 2 wings) averaging 10-13lbs of meat. Just a little tip: This does not include the turkey bones (carcass), which means you have the equivalent of an 18-20lb turkey coming from this combo.

We even suggest brining these parts just like you would a whole turkey. Our favorite brine recipe is here.

Hearts & Liver, Gizzards, and Turkey Broth are all sold separately. Be sure to add these items to your order if you need these!

The turkey broth has been slow cooked with turkey bones/meat for 24 hours to make a delicious rich broth that will make gravy making a cinch. But even better you will find your gravy to be rich and full of flavor (oh and did we mention healthy with all of that nutritious broth?).