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Welcome Sampler

Welcome Sampler

Special Offer for our New FARM FRIENDS!

This "starter pack" of simple items gives you a sample of J&L Green Farm with all-time easy favorites in the kitchen and a soothing sample of our most popular body care offering.

Grab this sampler to try a couple pounds each of ground beef, chicken breast, and smoked bacon, and we'll add in a FREE package of our incredibly meaty, flavorful sausage -- because we can't stand the thought of anyone new to our farm not trying at least a pound of the most popular item that made us famous at our local farmer's market years ago when we first started our farm.  

What's so special about our sausage? Our sausage is created with whole premium pork roasts — not leftover trimmimgs, or flour fillers and water — and doesn't disappear as you cook it.  If you can imagine the texture and meatiness of ground beef, with the clean taste of forested pork and a variety of seasoning blends, this is what our sausage is like. It's a meaty ground pork with just enough seasoning to enhance (and never overpower) the forested flavor our customers love.

We believe it's the best-tasting sausage you'll try!

Also enjoy a full-size sample of FrontYard Farms' premium pastured soap, crafted in small batches using J&L Green Farm pastured pork lard and other natural ingredients.

We believe in our products and know that not only do we raise our animals ethically and treat them right, we also have products that TASTE AMAZING! These are exceptionally high-quality products and we are proud to offer them to you, as a new farm friend, for a special sampler price.

The newcomer Welcome Sampler does not appear in our online store; we invite you to purchase it using this "hidden" link as part of your first 1-3 purchases from our farm.

The Welcome Sampler includes full-size samples:

2 pkgs Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Beef Ground Black

2 pkgs Pasture-Raised Chicken Breast & Tender


2 pkgs Forest-Raised Pork Smoked Sliced Bacon


1 Bar Premium Pastured Soap


1 FREE package of the sausage our farm is known for!*


*If you have a particular sausage you want to try from the ones listed below, feel free to put it in the comments section during checkout.  If not, we'll choose one of our favorites for you!

Favorite Sausage Choices:
Breakfast (sage) - select Loose (ground), 2oz Links, or Patties
Mild Italian (fennel) - select Loose, 1oz Links, or 2oz Links
Hot Italian (fennel) - 2oz Links
Chorizo (Mexican seasonings) - select Loose or 2oz Links
Garlic (enjoy mixed with ground beef for burgers) - Loose
Bratwurst (enjoy on hot dog bun) - 4oz Links