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100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef

We are committed to raising 100% grass fed and finished beef on our farm. We do however buy in small calves and raise them for 1-2 years before harvesting. They may at some point prior to coming to us have had some grain in their diet. We believe having 1-2 years on our farm mitigates any negative influence the grain may have had. We never feed grain, use steroids, or growth hormones of any kind. Anti-biotic use is only for sick animals and that rarely happens. Studies have shown grass finished beef is  higher in Vitamin E, Omega 3 and lower in bad cholesterol.  See and taste the difference in every bite!

Our rotational grazing methods gives the ground time to rest and helps heal the land. Below you can see where the cows were on the left and their new spot on the right.  We keep them moving on a continual basis as they eat the grass down and move to new pasture.