Holiday Turkeys


Q. Do I need to pre-order my turkey?

A. Yes, turkeys are now available online and you will want to order online here.

Q. When can I pick up my Thanksgiving Turkey?

A. Pick-up & delivery is available all throughout November.

Q. How will I know the turkeys are online and ready to order?

A. If you are not already apart of our newsletter, be sure to sign up here.

Q. What size turkeys do you have available?

A. We have lots of turkey sizes to choose from. You can find all of the turkey sizes available on online here.

Q. Are turkeys fresh or frozen?

A. They will be frozen.

Q. When should I start defrosting my turkey to cook on Thanksgiving?

A. The size of your turkey and refrigerator will vary the defrost time. As a general rule 4-6 days prior is a good time frame (shorter for small birds/longer for larger birds).

Q. I live in Northern VA where can I pick up your turkey?

A. You can pick it up from a local drop sites (see list here).

Q. Can I get a turkey shipped to my door?

A. Yes, we ship throughout the entire continental U.S.

Q. Can I pick up a turkey from your farm store?

A. Yes, we have store hours listed here.

Q. Do you offer curbside pick-up?

A. Yes, you can order ahead and choose your pick up date.

Q. Can I pick up my turkey on a day you are not open?

A. We prefer to have orders submitted at least day prior for curbside pick-up or come during store open hours.

Q. How much will a turkey cost me?

A. Turkeys are sold by the pound and you can find the full selection of whole turkey sizes being sold here.

Q. How are the turkeys raised?

A. They are raised fully on pasture (from about 5 weeks on) getting moved frequently to lush green pastures. They enjoy gmo-free feed, bugs, sunshine, and fresh air. Read more here.

Q. How do I cook my turkey?

A. We absolutely love this turkey brine recipe with cooking instructions here.

Q. What comes inside my turkey?

A. You will find a turkey neck inside the cavity of the bird. Hearts/liver/gizzards are sold separately here.

Q. How big of a turkey do I need?

A. Generally speaking, you want at least one pound per person. So if you are expecting to serve 10 people, you will want to order a small turkey ranging between 10-15lbs.

Q. What else should I buy with my turkey?

A. You will want to grab Turkey Broth for making a rich & flavorful gravy and turkey giblets - Hearts & Liver, & Turkey Gizzards. Please note that these items are only available for pick-up/delivery in Virginia.

Q. Are you taking reservations for Christmas turkeys?

A. No, we are not taking pre-orders. We suggest ordering an extra one in November to be sure you have it saved. If we still have availability after Thanksgiving we will continue to offer them for Christmas.

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