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Christmas Breakfast: Festive & Fun, Wholesome & Hearty

written by

Meg Peery

posted on

November 29, 2023

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There isn't much not to love about Christmas morning—the sparkly tree, the shiny new gifts, the wide eyes, the eager voices. 

After the early morning celebration, gather your gang for a festive and fun Christmas breakfast and fill bellies with wholesome, hearty options that fuel your crew right through Christmas dinner.

Look for the 🥂 icon signifying recipes that can be made ahead.
All items listed below can be found in the Christmas Morning section of the online store.
Please note that some items are not available for shipping.

Overnight French Toast


🥂 Overnight French Toast - make with your favorite Staff of Life whole grain loaf or Éban's gluten-free artisan bread and Mill's Gap organic maple syrup(For either type of bread, allow slices to dry out overnight or dry in a low oven (300 degree F) for about 20 minutes until dry but not toasted before adding to casserole.) Pair with mixed berries, scrambled pastured eggs, and Baked Bacon, below.

Baked Bacon


Baked Bacon - make with our pastured pork smoked bacon or Applewood smoked bacon. (Variation on the recipe: for lovers of tender bacon, you can also forego the aluminum foil and baking racks, and cook directly in the baking sheet. Collect the clean pastured fat while it's still liquefied, and store in a sealed jar to use as a nutrient-dense cooking oil.)

Christmas Quiche


🥂 A variation on Laura's Broccoli Bacon Quiche! Use raw milk Gouda and pastured eggs, your favorite meats (smoked bacon/ends, sausage, Canadian bacon) and a combination of green and red veggies (for example spinach & tomatoes, broccoli & red bell pepper). *recipe also includes non-dairy alternatives

Quiche Crust


🥂 Homemade Pie Crust - make with pastured lard for incredible flakiness...and the healthy fats, vitamins, and essential nutrients that make pastured pork lard one of the world's top 10 nutritious foods (really!)

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich


A Green Farm classic - no recipe needed! Pork breakfast pattiespastured eggs, your favorite raw milk cheese, and a gluten-free or whole grain bun/English muffin/biscuit. Serve with hash browns and orange slices.


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