June 2021 Newsletter

July 2, 2021

We birth, raise and manage pigs year round on our farm. We rotate groups of pigs throughout our forest and pasture, offering them a varied diet and ensuring the ground gets the right amount of disturbance.

Throughout each month, one or more of our groups of momma sows is preparing to have their litters. We love seeing them learn to be gentle, nuturing moms!

Each week we grind fresh feed to supplement the pigs' foraging, move sets to fresh ground, and do maintainance on their feeders and waterers. This month, we finished fencing in some new space just for pigs and were excited to finally move several groups into virgin forest! 

New Piglets

One of the most fun parts of being a "Farrow to Finish" farm is the birth of baby piglets throughout the year. 

Momma pigs give birth (or "farrow") under shelter in winter, and in the woods or pasture during the warm season. We always give them a big bale of hay to snuggle into and make a nest for their babies. 

A mother sow can give birth to as many as 14 piglets in a single litter! 

Move to the New Property! 

We introduced several sets of pigs to some new, untouched forest last week. Here, they are settling into their new space and beginning to root through the woods for snacks.

We're looking forward to seeing them improve this new ground with their rooting and nesting!

Recipe: Orange Pecan Glazed Pork Loin Roast 

This flavorful Pork Loin recipe is simple to make and totally delicious!

The key is marmalade for a sweet, citrusy glaze that complements the pork. Click below for the full recipe.

View Recipe

Farm Tours

Have you been wanting to visit the farm, meet your farmers and see how

we put our principles into practice?

We have 2 more upcoming Farm Tours! 

Click the link below to reserve your spot for our July 3rd tour

or our September 4th tour.

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