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Pastured Chicken

We take great care in raising and producing healthy, humanely raised chickens. Learn more here.

All product prices are listed by the pound.
For example a Whole Chicken/Broiler is shown as $3.69 and once you click on the product it will show increments of 4.  This means that it weighs approx. 4lbs @ $3.69/lb = $14.76 (if you want more than 1 pkg, than just choose the next increment shown).
All photographs are the actual products of J&L Green Farm.

Whole Chicken/Broiler
Price: $3.69
Chicken Breast
Price: $12.50
Chicken Breast Skin-On
Price: $12.50
Chicken Broth Quart
Price: $5.00
Chicken Hearts
Price: $5.00
Chicken Leg/Thigh
Price: $5.00
Chicken Livers
Price: $3.50
Chicken Soup Pint
Price: $4.00
Chicken Wings
Price: $4.00
Pulled Chicken
Price: $11.00
Chicken Backs
Price: $2.50
Chicken Feet
Price: $3.00
Chicken Hearts/Livers
Price: $2.50