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Pasture & Forest-Raised

Visitors to our farm are often surprised to see pigs in the woods! All of our pigs live on pasture for a few months and then we rotate them in the forest in the last third of their life. Forests are a goldmine of edible goodies, which makes them very happy and adds complexity and depth of flavor to our pork. Pigs are naturally adapted to forest living, though few farms utilize wooded areas as foraging habitats for their pigs. This is why you will often hear us proudly referring to J&L Green Farm pork as "forested"!

BBQ Burger Recipe Bundle

For Laura's Texas BBQ Burgers [Recipe x2]

BBQ Burger Bundle

For Laura's Texas BBQ Burgers [Recipe x5]

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Pork Variety Bundle

Whole Hog Equivalent

Pork Lard

1 Quart

Pork Broth

1 Quart

Meatballs - Paleo Friendly

12 Meatballs / pkg