Half Beef Cow - October

Half Beef Cow - October

$200 Reserves Your Half Beef.

Are you ready to fill up your freezer?  We can't wait to help! This is exciting stuff you know? We will be here every step of the way to make sure this process is simple & easy. CLICK HERE to read how it works from start to finish and understand the details before placing your reservation.

Final Cost Averages: $2,337.60* + (delivery cost, please see our Delivery Costs Sheet to determine delivery cost to your state or drop site location). Please take note that cost is based on hanging weight (listed below).

You are reserving for a ready date of October 14th, 2023. (Drop Site & Shipping dates will be next available date after ready date)

Details to know:

*Hanging Weight: $6.00/lb and the average hanging weight is expected to be 325lbs.*

Actual take home weight is different than hanging weight, please be sure to read details here to fully understand before reserving your half beef!

**Please Note: Prices are subject to change even after reservation has been made.  As always, we will communicate and let you know of any change.**

Payments to know:

  1. $200 deposit reserve your spot!
  2. $600 is due 6 weeks prior to expected ready date
  3. Final amount is due upon pick-up (or before shipment is sent).